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My Story

Hi. I'm Sean Gurson, and I'm the Founder of Smooth Social Marketing. Here's what you need to know about me:


I am obsessed with improvement. I quit my job in wealth management because I wanted to do something more challenging and to help individuals and businesses to improve, and because I was tired of working for someone else. I wanted to face my fears and grow to be all I could be. Most importantly, I wanted to make it easier for others to do the same.

There is a character named "Fonzie" in one of my favorite TV shows, "Happy Days". He is a legend for being so cool and smooth, and making everything he does look easy. But he had his flaws, and together with the help of his friend "Richie Cunningham", they grew as friends and individuals throughout the show.

And that's how I earned the nickname "Seanzy", after "Fonzie". I've worked on myself in every aspect of my life, to the point where I've grown so much that I want to start helping other individuals and businesses to master their own futures as well.


I've suffered a lot to grow so much personally, professionally, and socially. But I am no longer so afraid to be myself. My journey was not smooth, but I want to make yours a smooth one for you.

That's why I founded Smooth Social. Our logo consists of two letter S's, shaped like slides, to represent the fast climb of improvement and smooth descent towards success.

So don't be shy, tell me your story, and let me help you to grow your business the Smooth Way™.




Some of our past clients / projects include: ​

  • www.kingofhomeloans.com for Todd Galde | Senior Mortgage Advisor | Commerce Home Mortgage

  • www.thesiliconvalleycoach.com for Kelly McCarthy | Professional Lifestyle Coach

  • Infinite Allure Studio landing pages, click funnels, and Facebook / Instagram ads to book appointments




Our clients want to grow, but don't want to struggle with their social media. That's where we come in. 


Infinite Allure Studio | Skin Care | Aesthetics | Permanent Makep | Lashes
Estiegirl | Marta | Esthetician | Infinite Allure Studio | Pleasanton
The King of Home Loans | Todd Galde | Sr. Mortgage Advisor | Commerce Home Mortgage | San Ramon
kelly mccarthy.jpg
The Silicon Valley Coach | Kelly McCarthy, CPCC | Dublin









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